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GITC Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore based, global agri-commodity trading Company.  GITC aims to be an integrated supply chain Company controlling the origination up until the destination markets. Direct control over all operations maximizes efficiency and guarantees execution from product quality until timely deliveries.
Headquartered in Singapore, GITC has established a firm control of various assets globally with a competitive edge in the Black Sea region.
The management and trading team of GITC consists of experienced professionals with a combined total of +100 years  of knowledge and expertise in farming, trading and investments in agriculture and its related supply chain.

Integrated Supply Chain

1. Origination and Production

GITC has direct access to sustainable farms guaranteeing stable yearly production ready for export.


2. Storing and Processing

GITC is ready to fine tune and adapt commodity specifications based on the end users need.


3. Merchandising and Trade

Connecting supply and demand throughout our large network of end-consumers. GITC offers tailor made specifications and flexibility in shipments.


4. Logistics and Distribution

Flyte Logistics provides efficient freight solutions guaranteeing a timely arrival at destination.

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